Saturday, June 30, 2012


So Drew has been working really hard at school this past week and he needed a night outside of the house to relax, so we went to see the new Disney movie Brave! It was GREAT!! I loved it! A must see to all those on the fence about it!

 Also we get more disney points for seeing the movie! So that means more 'free' fun things!

Working at the Carwash!

Okay so we don't work at a carwash but we went to one! I have been meaning to wash my car forever and one Wednesday it was a beautiful day so off to the carwash!!  Its crazy how cheap it is to wash a car in Rexburg!!
We went to a Pay and Spray first to wash all the mud off my car first so I would get a better wash in the automated one :)  I was way excited cause I have never done this kind of car wash before!

Drew's a pro!

Then it was off to the automated carwash!

After the carwash we were driving home and saw this(below)!! We thought it was a horrible tree cutting accident, but we found out they are demolishing houses to put up more complexes! Rexburg is growing fast!

Drew drove past the house like three times so I could take a picture for him :P  Guess he likes destruction!

Los Jaguars!

So my fabulous friend Teebs (Taylor Bly) created a flag football team named Los Jaguars!  It is an all girl football team through our school and we play against other teams in our same division and skill level.  I signed up and by the time I could attend a game it was the elimination round.  Sadly we lost and I didn't get to play with them again, but these girls were so fun and we had a great time!! I even got to pull the flag off a girl from the opposing team and save us from a bad touchdown! Woohoo, but unfortunately this was probably the only helpful thing I did :/ Football is not my game! Hehe! But I had a lot of fun!

Teebs, Nicole, Me, and a bunch of other girls that I forgot their names!
Sadly my friend Candice was sick this game so she is not in the picture :(

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Disney Movie Rewards

So Drew and I have a ton of Disney DVD's and have always seen those inserts in the left side of the cover with the magical Disney code.  It says to enter the codes and win prizes, so we thought what the heck? Lets do it!  We signed up for free and started inputing our Disney codes.  I am so glad we did!  They have some really cool things that you can get with your points!  Most of the prizes are for kids, but some of them are totally worth it!  So far we have gotten a Photo Book from Snapfish, a Collage Poster from Snapfish and this Buzz Lightyear Apron for Drew!  And it's all free(in a sense)!
I just ordered our photo book and collage, so I am waiting for it in the mail, but Drew's apron came!
Isn't that the cutest, manliest apron ever! :)

The drive and the wedding!

After Drew and I drove down to Utah, my parents rented the BMW(Big Mormon Wagon) so the whole family could drive down in one car!  It was super nice for us kids because we all got our own row(Drew and I shared a row :)  However, I don't think my dad will be buying one anytime soon :P
 The magical BMW!

One of our family jokes is that if you drive anywhere with my mom or me it is going to take you about 3 times as long to get there because we like to drive the speedlimit and stop at every 'biggest ball of yarn' type of place! So when we needed to pee and saw a sign for a petting zoo at a gas station, we stopped!! Oh, and it took us about 11 hours to get down to California from Utah! (it should only take 9 :/ guess eveyone is right :)

This is at a Gas Station!!!

Drew was sooo excited :)


Little Lambies!! Soo cute and soft!

Mom and Drew with the Zebra! Can you believe it a Zebra in the middle of nowhere!!

                     Sisters!! Jess is very Prego!!                    Drew was a very good looking groomsmen!
                                                  And got to love Andy in the background!               

At the wedding reception! It was beautiful and we had a great time!! Totally worth the drive!!

On the way back we stopped at JC Michelsons(I think thats what its called) The whole store is train themed and they have a toy train running around all the tables! I thought it was sooo cute!

Thought I would finish with this little beauty! We got 25 cent mustaches :)
Great weekend!!

Pleasant Grove Strawberry Festival!

This past weekend we went down to California for our friends Kevin and Hanalee's wedding.  Drew and I drove down to Pleasant Grove Utah on Wednesday after Drew's classes and stayed the night there.  My parents moved to Pleasant Grove literally three days earlier! The house is beautiful and the neighbors are all sooo sweet!  We got there in the early afternoon and the city of Pleasant Grove was having their annual Strawberry Days festival! So of course my mom and I dragged the boys down to the festivities!
Get ready for fun!!

The one thing everyone told my mom was to try the Strawberry and Cream! Soo good!

 Mom and Dad :)
Such a cute carnival! Rides and games!

Loving their new home town!

All of us played the ball rolling race game!

David won, but he gave me his prize!! This is my new cow!

Drew bought me my first cowboy hat!!

We had a good time at the carnival!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Silly Drew!

So any of you that have met Drew know that he is a bit silly!  And when we get bored we go to Deseret Industries(DI) to see if we can find something cool or fun!  
This is a find of Drew's and he could not pass up the chance to try it on!
I think he looks like he's wearing some sort of flying squirrel suit! He is a very cute silly guy!

Sunny Saturday!

Saturday June 16th was a good day!!
Our little town of Rexburg had an AIR SHOW!! With stunt pilots, food trucks, music and fun!  The only bad part was that I got sunburnt, bad! But it was worth it!

Walking up to the airport this is what we saw!  It was sooo close it scared us!

They had tons of cool planes and artifacts! And this plane was HUGE!


We liked this little one :)

As soon as the Air Show ended we turned around and these crazy people were doing sweet stunts on all types of machines!!

Side two-wheelie!!

After Drew and I came home from the Air Show we got a call from our good friends Kenny and Natasia! Time for some shooting and barbecue dinner! YUM!

Kenny showing us how it is done!

Natasia! SHE HIT A BIRD!!

Our pink shotgun shells for the girls!

Look at me go!

Drew with the cute pink ear muffs!

She's a winner! hehe!

They are a good time couple!
This was a great Saturday and a great way to start Father's Day weekend! Or as Drew and I call it Spouse Appreciation Day(cause we gots no childrens yet ;)