Saturday, January 14, 2012

Honeymoon Adventures!

Drew and I went to the beautiful island O'ahu for our honeymoon!!  It was perfect and soo much fun!! 
We definently had an adventure!  We stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Waikiki!  The first thing we did in Hawaii was get lei'd, the flowers I mean. :)

 We started out our first day with a wonderful breakfast at our hotel!!  Then off to the Dole Plantation for some fun!

 Drew let me 'pick-a-pearl'!  I got a pink one!

 We stopped at a random beach and found this TURTLE!! It was amazing!

                                                        The veiw from our hotel!!
The Polynesian Cultural Center!
                                                                        In a boat!

Waiting for the boat parade!
                          Drew got called on stage in one of the islands!!  This is his dancing montage!

We went on a hike to a waterfall!

                                          Pretty veiw of the waterfalll and over the mountian!!
Then off to snorkeling!!

We saw some amazing fish and another turtle swimming in the water!!!
Jet skiing!!

                                                                  The duke statue!
Now on to our Parasailing Adventure!!
They dunked us!!

The world's smallest lizard!! I was stopping street traffic because people were looking at it!! Drew almost stepped on him!
The Laie O'ahu Temple!! Beautiful!!
Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

First Post! Welcome!

         So, Drew and I are newly-weds up at college, so here is the blog you all knew would be coming! ;)  I guess I'll start with the wedding!  We got married November 26, 2011 and it was the most perfect, wonderful, amazing day of my life!  The weather was BEAUTIFUL! And that was the biggest blessing because we were not prepared for rain.  We were sealed in the Newport Beach Temple(LDS)! 
After being sealed by Drew's grandpa, Kay Barney, we came out of the temple to all of our amazing friends and family. 

There were so many people that I am just going to post the big group picture, but there are A LOT of really great candid pictures of people waiting outside the temple, you can find them at!
We also had the most amazing bridal party!  Sam was so great to step in because David Barney was deathly ill! Everyone looked beautiful, especially the ladies!
Maid of Honor: Megan Arnold
Matron of Honor: Jessica Nash
Bridesmaids: Nancy White, Katina Lamb, & Heather Barney
Best Man: Kevin Bretzing
Groomsmen: David Barney, Brian Barney, David Arnold, Geoff Johnson, & Sam Phan

College Friends!  We were so lucky to have them all there! We love them!!

We have A LOT of photos, so go ahead and check my FB to see more!  Now it's time for some Family photos!  Both of our families were so great through our whole engagment and very supportive!  We couldn't have done it without them!
Mom & Dad-Arnold
The New&Improved Arnold Clan

Arnold Side


The Barney Clan

Everyone's here :)

My two best friends! Sisters! <3


Now for a short montage of Drew & I's MARRIAGE shoot!

Where Drew Proposed!

My toes say "I do"

My Handsome Groom


Loved my bouquet!!

Then it was off to the Reception center at Tustin Banquet Center or dinner!
Our wedding cake was amazing!!

I suprised Drew with a Grooms Cake inspired by his Bachelor party!

Now on to the reception!

First Dance! Magical!

Daddy Daughter Dance!

Mother Son!!

Barney Grandparents!! Too cute!

Cute Kate!

Grandma Utter gettin down!

Mr. Personality, Jake!

Kids having a good time!

Cake cutting!

He was not nice :P


Best Flower Girl and Ring Bearer!

We had a photobooth!
Well, sorry this post was so long!! Gotta get the wedding all detailed for the family!