Monday, November 12, 2012

Mom, Jess and James come for a visit!!

This past weekend my mom, Jessica and my nephew James came to visit and it was the best!! I was sooo excited! They got here on Thursday night and we had some catching up to do since I haven't seen James since he was a week old!  I love that little guy!
On Friday they came to eat lunch with me on campus! 
Yay for BYU-I visitors!!

Here is a cute video of baby James dancing to the Swing music!

Buddies!! Love those faces!

After Drew and I were done with school and work we headed to Fat Cats for some bowling and arcade games!  It was a great way to spend time together :)
Jess, Drew and I were on a serious bowling tournament! They both won one and I won none :P

James is smaller than the bowling balls!

Not a great photo of James, but a great one of my hot mamma!!

Some cute group pictures!!

Now it is off to the arcade! We got tons of tickets, so we got James a stuffed snake for his room and gave the rest to some cute kiddos!

I won 200!! Woohoo!

Mom, Jess and Drew playing ski ball! My mom is a champ!

The next day was Saturday and Drew had to work for most of the day, which means SHOPPING for us girls!!! Yay!  We got a lot of good stuff :) hehe!

Just cute James!! Love the one on the right! Totally Uncle David's nephew for sure!

So I was holding this cutie for the whole weekend and this is the only picture I have, how did that happen?!?  Well all in all it was a great weekend and I was so glad they were able to come visit!!  It was a great way to lift my midterm blues :)
Can't wait to see them at Thanksgiving!!


So Drew and I did our civic duty and voted in the state of Idaho!  It was my first time voting and Drew's second, but his first time voting at a polling station.  Last time he was on his mission :)
Ready for the first time voter picture?!?!

 Yay for democracy!!

So, as many of you know I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  So I thought that I would share what they had to say about the election. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012!!

So this year, since I started sewing a tad, I decided I wanted to sew my own Halloween costume!  It is a lot of work, when you don't know how to sew too well :P  And since I am brunette I wanted to be Belle from Beauty and The Beast!  
For Halloween this year Drew and I went to the school Halloween carnival with our friend Shannon!
It was fun and pretty well done for a school event!

This is the start of my skirt! I sewed the ruffle :)

This is the finished product!  I sewed the skirt and the arm piece, then I just wore a yellow shirt!  
Not bad for my first clothing item :)

Drew wanted to be BeetleJuice for Halloween in the beginning, but when we were trying to make his suit, it was not working out.  So we came up with this Joker costume at the last second!
Some guy at the carnival even took a picture of Drew, cause he thought Drew looked so cool!
It was fun to do Drew's make-up :)

Shannon and I! Shannon was a kitty!

Drew and I!  We were an interesting looking couple :P 

Our school had a pumpkin carving contest and some carved the Prophet Thomas S. Monson!
"We Thank Thee Oh God For Our Prophet"
Some people are soooo talented!
Yay Halloween!!

Fall Festivities and Pumpkin Carving!

So, I love to decorate!  And celebrate and anything holiday for that matter :) 
Got to love the fall leaves changing colors and then get covered in snow :P
So here we go with the festivities and what not!  

Fall is here in our home!  

It was raining and I have Arnold blood in me, so I HAD to bake sugar cookies!!

Our Bishop owns a farm and a pumpkin patch, so he brought all these pumpkins for our ward for FREE!! Love Idaho!

We got two pumpkins, so this one became a monster :)

This past Monday we invited friends over to carve pumpkins for FHE! It was super fun!
We had treats and The Nightmare Before Christmas playing!  Everyone's turned out great!!

Cookies for the occasion :)

A couple of group pictures! 

This is our pumpkin! 
Booooooo! Scary! Super impressive!!

Natasia and Kenny's pumpkin, well mostly Natasia's!  
She is so creative!! It's a minion!

Our ghosty pumpkin in the dark and light!

The Long's pumpkin!  Vampire!
This is Steve's pumpkin.  I thought it was soo funny!!
 "It's Halloween." is what it says!

Our pumpkins in the outdoors!  
On the far left is Kelly's, it's a witch! Next is ours and last is Steve's.
The picture on the right is Natasia's and ours, I thought it was funny cause it looks like her minion is looking at the ghosty!

It was such a fun FHE and great to celebrate Halloween!!