Monday, August 20, 2012

Knott's Soak City!

As some people may know, Drew is practically a Merman(male mermaid) because he loves being in the water sooo much! Rivers, oceans, pools, he is always game for a swim! And we could not pass up going to a water park! We got super great prices on tickets, so it was basically a no-brainer!!

We got there right when the park opened to avoid the late-arrival lines.  A trick Drew has perfected with all of his experience!

Had to grab a picture before the fun started! Love this guy!

Grabbing some lunch before heading back into the water!

Just some pictures of the park I snapped :) Super fun! And LOTS of people were there!

I am a brunette!

So I decided that I wanted to change my hair and I finally got the guts to do it!
I am officially a brunette and I am liking it!
Here it is! Not a great picture, but it does the trick! :)

Goose!! Baby James!!

I think I will start off by saying JESSICA HAD HER BABY!!!! Yay!!
James Andrew Nash! 
And to explain the title of this post, I call him Goose! Why? Because I think it is cute! :)

Here is Jess and Andy being cute and ALMOST parents :)

Waiting room time! 
We ended up having 13 people in the waiting room, crazy!

Auntie Taylor or as Jessica calls me AunTAY!! hehe! 
Love this little guy!

Uncle David!                    Uncle Drew!
They are too cute!

Auntie Megan!

I love my Goose time! He is such a sweetie and I love him!

Congrats to the new parents Jessica and Andy!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Coming home to Idaho!

Drew and I are finally back in Idaho and it feels so good! It's strange to think that Idaho is our home, but we love it here! Great place to start our marriage!

So we finally get all of our things unloaded from the car and we sit down to look over and see this HUGE spider(below)!! I know the picture does not do it justice! Holy cow it was a monster!


That next day we went to the Drive-in!  I just love the Drive-in, we load the back of Drew's truck with all of our pillows and blankets!  Just a snuggle-fest!  Also, it's a double feature, two movies for the price of one! We saw The Amazing Spiderman, I thought it was great! We decided not to stay for the second movie, cause it was midnight. 

It was clearly very busy :P Hoppin'!

Marriage date :)

Another good thing about coming back to Idaho was getting to see our GREAT friends!!  We missed them! We decided to go fishing and barbecuing with Steve and Kelly! It was a lot of fun and I caught 3 fish!!! None big enough to eat though :P

Drew with his little baby fish! Such a cutie! He got the first catch of the day :)

Kelly and Steve!  They are such a great couple!

This is me with my first and second fish of the day! I was so excited!

Our fishing spot!

Time to get barbecuing! 

After we were done we came back to our place and watched the movie, This Means War.  Our friends Kenny and Natasia came along too! It was great getting to see them!

This morning we got up early and headed to the Teton Lakes Golf Course in Rexburg.  Drew's a good golfer and I've always wanted to go golfing!

We got a golf cart! Weeeeeee!

We are basically pro-golfers :P Hehe!

Not the greatest, but we sure had fun :)

We love Idaho and feel so blessed to have great friends like these!
Can't wait to head to California to see family though :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Family Reunion Weekend!!

This past weekend was the Arnold Family Reunion in Vernal, Utah!
We got there a day early to go off-roading with Bob, Della, Vickie, and Randy! It was super fun and we rode all day! We were all exhausted by the end of the day!

Mom getting ready for the day! Soo cute!

All suited up with my Hubby!

Just some of our rides!

The whole gang, minus mom cause she was taking the picture :)

They took us to so many different places on the mountain and all of them BEAUTIFUL!

Megan and David, love these siblings!

The Big Kids :) Mom, Dad, Bob and Della

The cave and the mountain! 

One of the 3 caves!

We had so much fun!

 Inside the cave! Everyone has creepy eyes! 
Oooh and inside of the cave we found bats!

One of the many deer we saw! We even saw a herd run across our path!!

On the bottom left is tiny Drew and I at the opening of the HUGE cave!

We even rode up the this old historic area with a house, wagon, and outhouse!
 It was really interesting!

Dad thought it was funny that mine and Drew's faces were sooo dirty!

The whole family! 

This is the wagon where the children slept, says the story!

Drew in the DOUBLE PERSON out-house! Yuck!

The next day it was time for the Family Reunion! It was at 'Remember the Maine' park.
It was so nice being able to catch up with old relatives and meet new additions!  I also liked being able to show off my new hubby! :)

Everyone eating and having a good time!

After the food it was off to the river to play around! 
I even saw a frog!

Drew and I!

All the kiddies having fun!

Gotta love this cute sister!

It was such a good weekend and can't wait to see everyone again!