Saturday, May 4, 2013

Doug the Pug!

WE GOT A PUPPY!!!  His name is Doug and he is a pug mix!  We are in love with him :)
He is so cute!!  We decided that we wanted a puppy and it only took us a week to find the one!!

The Craigslist post for our puppy!

So, when Drew called the lady on the craigslist she seemed very normal and nice, and it wasn't until we drove about 20 minutes off the freeway into the mountains that we started to wonder exactly who we might encounter.  When we showed up this hill-billy lady has to come down and unlock this chain-link fence because, as she put it, her crazy sisters were trying to steal her horses.  She then tried to sell us a horse with the puppy! Crazy experience, but glad we got Doug!

Look at this cute guy!!!

Look how little he is!!
Right after picking him up we went to PetSmart and bought all of our puppy supplies!

Love him!!

So, for the first two nights Doug stayed with our wonderful friends, Kenny and Natasia and thier dog Sadie, because we hadn't gotten cleared to have a dog in our apartment yet.  They were so sweet to house him! Best friends!

I made Doug a doggie bed :)

Isn't he so sweet!?!

So it was still freezing when we got Doug and he never wanted to go outside, so my mom sent Doug a snow jacket!! He looked so cute!! Hehehe!

Snow Puppy!

Love that face!

Doug's first walk!

Best friends!!

First Bath!

So this was just some very cute pictures of our new puppy Doug!!

My New Car!

During this entire winter my little Jeep Liberty has been getting stuck and snowed in, so it was time for a car with 4-wheel drive!  Drew searched forever to find a good car, he did most of this without me because I found on-line car shopping to be more boring than watching paint dry, but I have to say I love the work Drew put into it!! I love my new car!
Drew drove all the way down to Las Vegas to get my Nissan Xterra :) Do I have the best husband or what?!?!
My mom and sisters got me a new car kit :) They are so sweet!

Love my new ride!

 Woohoo car!!!

It's a good thing I got a car with 4-wheel drive because the next weekend a huge snow storm hit!!
My car did so great in the snow! I was passing people who were stuck, right and left! :)

Valentine's Day 2013!

This past Valentine's Day was on a Thursday, which meant that Drew and I had school very early the next morning so we did Valentine's Day at home this year!  It was a great way to celebrate the holiday and remember all the great memories we have together :)

Drew decorated the house again this year!  
He is so sweet!

Just some of our little presents!  
You know you're a poor college student when orange juice is part of a present ;)

So Drew and I have started a tradition! 
Making homemade heart shaped pizza!

My mom sent us a Valentine's Day package!

So, we spent our night eating heart shaped pizza and watching RED, which was super funny and a great movie!  It has Morgan Freeman, so in Drew's opinion, it was destined to be good!
All in all it was a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Glowin' Golf!

I am finally updating this blog!! Drew and I have been so busy with school and work that I have had no time for blogging! But, here I am finally! :)
 So, a while back we went indoor-mini-glow-golfing with our great friends Steve and Kelly! 
This past semester was so busy that is was nice to be able to see them and spend some time with them!  They are in Texas now selling pest control and we miss them! 
Here are just a few pictures from our fun night :)
It was pirate themed if you couldn't tell :)

So cute!

The course was actually a lot harder than I expected!
We always have fun with these two and can't wait for them to come back to Idaho!