Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our Fun Weekend!! 3/20-3/22/12

Drew and I had a particularly fun and packed weekend a couple of weeks ago and I thought that I would share it with all of you!!  It started with our date night on Friday :)  I planned an indoor golf course with homemade pizza and then off to the Drive-in movie theater!
Mini Golf!

You have to pay to golf!!

1st Hole! Train Trouble!!
The Tunnel!!

Hole 2 Hilly Roads! This hole didn't work too well, we ended up having to go around the 'hill' cause it was too steep :P

Hole 3 Death Drop! The ball dropped off the skate board :)

Final Hole the Ball Return :)

Then, it was off to the drive-in!  We get to watch two movies for the price of one!! We saw Mirror Mirror and the Hunger Games! Both were good movies, but Drew fell asleep during the Hunger Games.
Cute snugly Drew :)

Ok so half way through the Hunger Games I saw what I thought were owls flying over the screen! Then, all the sudden there was a HUGE flying thing over the screen! I freaked out!! Drew was asleep and for some reason my thoughts went straight to 'there's a Night Fury!!!' like from the movie How To Train Your Dragon.  Now, you have to remember that it was very late and I obviously wasn't thinking correctly.  But, after about 5 more 'night fury's' flew by I realized that they were night hang gliders! :)

Snuggle time!

On to Saturday!!  Drew and I had a GREAT day!!! We biked for about 6 hours that day!! It was super fun :)  We went everywhere in Rexburg!!  I learned that I loved biking!! And I received a scholarship for school!!
We found a rodeo!! Ooh Idaho!!
It's the cowboy zamboni!! Hehe!

We were the only ones not in cowboy hats and boots!

Just roping' cattle!

So I love pinwheels!! And we found some shaped like tulips(also love!) so we each got one, I got blue and drew got yellow! We stuck them in our bicycle handles :) They spin while we ride! Hehe love them!!

Love my pinwheel!!