Monday, February 20, 2012

Steak Night!

So this is the story of Drew and I's epicly, deliciously, embarrassing night!
       Today(Feb. 20) started out relativley normal, I had a group project and Drew did a lot of homework.  When I got home around 3 we decided to go to the gym and then the grocery store.  While there I decided I needed to treat Drew to some real meat since I have only fed him, chicken and ground beef so far.  I found two little New York steaks for a reasonable price and it was just perfect!!
      So as soon as I got home I called my dad to see what he puts on steak as a dry rub, then I went to the internet to see how to cook a steak on a skillet, since I have never cooked one before! I got the meat all ready and waited for the skillet to be burning hot, since the website said that was the whole trick of cooking steak on a skillet, AND that's what started the whole night!
    The second, no joke, second, I put the steaks on the skillet the fire alarm goes off!  And it is loud!! And has the whole seizure strobe light thing going on too!! So I pull the steaks off the grill and put it outside, then open all the windows and door!  And guess what?? The fire alarms in the bedroom and office start going off! And of course not at the same time so our ears get a tiny break between piercing squeals, all three alarms going off at different times!  Yay.
   So by now we have a bunch of curious neighbors wondering who or what is on fire.  All the while Drew and I are scrambling around, me trying not to cry from embarrassment and the pain in my ears, trying to fan out what we thought was the smoke detecter.  So I open our fire-safe box, lots of good it did us today :P and found our lease agreement with the emergency number, which of course nobody answers, and let them know our fire alarm will not go off.  Let me tell you there was no smoke in our apartment and it had been going off for about 10 minutes now.  Drew and I hear sirens on the road outside and laugh to ourselves about the ironic-ness of it.
    Finally and thankfully the fire alarms stop.  I literally collapsed on the couch with relief that it was finally over, but it wasn't.  As soon as Drew walks over to close the window, since our apartment is now 30 degrees and its snowing outside, he sees the firemen walking over to our building. Yay, again.
   Lucky us the firemen came to check on us, so nice, but just more stress for the moment, but they just came in a truck and no fire engine thankfully!  But of course they need to be certain it was our steaks that set off the fire alarm so they had to knock on all our neighbors doors, so if the ear piercing alarm didn't cue them in to our situation, the fire men did.  Finally after an official report they were on their way, just in time for the actual fire truck to roll on up, triple yay.
   Now after all the people had gone I lost it!  Just hysterically crying because I was completely and utterly embarrassed!  I know it sounds stupid now, but at the time my ears were ringing, my steaks were ruined(I thought) and i was just sad.  My sweet sweet husband tries to console the crazy crying thing that I was at that moment and believe me it took some work on his part to get me to stop crying.  After my tears had dried I decided to look at my 'ruined' steaks, and GUESS WHAT?!?! They were cooked perfectly on one side!!! Saving grace?? I THINK SO!!!  So I got to work finishing dinner for my now starving husband, and it was delicious, if I do say so myself!  I have never cooked a steak inside before tonight, and I do not think I will again, but the stress and embarrassment was definently worth those steaks!! YUM!!
  Ooooh our lives in Idaho, crazy!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our First Valentine's Day!!

This year is our very first Valentine's Day :)
It was magical!!  The started with our classes, I have two and Drew has only one.  Drew finishes an hour before me and me met with Chocolates and a card!! Soo Sweet! Then, I came to this.... :)
He decorated the door :) Soo cute!!

Then I got to these BEAUTIFUL roses and set up!! 

I am a happy and lucky wife to have such a thoughtful husband!!

Are these not the most perfect roses you have ever seen?!?!

Drew decorated the whole apartment!!  And those little hearts on the walls are actually gift bags I have laying around for little gifts for people's birthdays and such.  Drew, bless his heart, thought they were wall decorations :)  He is such a cutie!! <3

After all Drew's work it was time for me to make our Valentine's lunch :) In my cute new apron my friend Nan got me for my birthday! :)

I tried to theme everything on hearts or red for Valentine's Day!  It ended up being a very weird combination of pink/red/heart shaped food!  But it was good :)
We had mashed potatoes died pink, strawberries, pancakes in the shape of a heart(sort of), popcorn with butter died red and cherry jello(not in picture)

To end the night we went to Fat Cats, the local movie theater and saw This Means War!!
Soooo funny and a great way to end our perfect Valentine's day!

      This was one of the most perfectly magically special days ever!! And it was all thanks to my loving husband! I am very blessed to have Drew in my life and for him to spend so much time to make our very first Valentine's Day so special.  It also probably has to do with us being newly-weds and sooo in love :)  All I know is that I could not have asked for a better day!! :) <3

Our Cute Date Nights :)

Drew and I have been married for coming up on three months now!! Crazy! And these are some of our dates that I thought were cute :)  Confession: I have stolen some of these ideas from other married people's cute blogs! Here we go!
Safari Date Night!
I planned a date night all themed around the safari animal idea :)

This is the Animal Cracker Wild Life :) 
I just used green tissue paper and animal cracker!

The Balloon Animal Reserve!! A snake(blue) turtle(green) giraffe(orange) swan(pink)!
I've gotten pretty good at balloon animals :)
Clown college here I come!!

We finished our date off with lasagna for dinner, The Lion King and some snuggling with Drew's cheetah blanket!

Two Month Date Night!
Things that come in pairs date! 
P.S. Sorry for the little anatomy lesson :/
Heart Pizza, delicious and adorable!! :) 
Drew and I have had some super fun dates!  We love it up here in Idaho and we are loving being Newly-weds! <3

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our First Apartment!

So, I have been lazy and finally got around to takin pictures of our first apartment!  We love it here at Stonebrook Apartments!!  So here it is!!

Our Door!(It has since been decorated :)

The entry way :)

The couch and pictures!

The Living room from the otherside, tv and such :)  We like movies! That wall is a pretty light green!

Then off to the right is the dinning area!  Here's the table :)

Then take a left into the kitchen, lots of cupboard space! This is from the view of the table.

A closer look at some appliances :)

Another view of the table and a little bit of the hallway.

Heres te hallway!  The bathroom is on the right, bedroom is straight back and the study is to the left, but you can't see it!

Hallway art :)

Bathroom doorway!


Our washer and dryer are in the bathroom, here is the door closed and opened :)


To the left!! There's our laudry basket and the jewelry box Drew got me :)  And outside the window is our cars!

To the right!

The other angle, TV:)

The Study/extra crap room :)

My side!

Our games, jacket, and crap closet!

Drew's side!

And that's all folks! :) We love you!