Sunday, September 2, 2012

Time with Katrina!! :)

So as many of you know Katrina is going on a mission to Vanuatu!! A sweet island of the coast of Australia.  And when Drew and I were down in California it was her 21st birthday! Woohoo!
So we had to celebrate with some good old fashion fun and arcades!  

Camelot for fun!

Katrina and I both won a jackpot on this Plinko game!
It was too funny cause Drew could not win, no matter how hard he tried! hehe!
We were also matching on accident!

Drew with some of his prizes!

Katrina with her spoils!

I am going to miss this amazing girl! She is going to be a fantastic missionary and a blessing to the lives of the Vanuatuan people!  They are lucky to have her, but we get her back in 18 months! And then we are keeping her here forever! <3 

Universal Studios with Shannon!!

So, Drew and I have this awesome friend named, Shannon! She works at Universal Studios in Hollywood, which is so cool! And she was so great and took Drew and I for the first time ever!! We were soooo excited!

Sweet sign at night!

Classic picture in front of the globe! 
Drew and I on the left, Shannon and I on the right!

Shannon and Drew waiting in line! 
Shannon was so cool, we always got to go through the back door!

Aww friends!!

Our picture with BUMBLEBEE!!! Transformers!

Shrek and Donkey!!! Donkey was even cracking jokes!

Water World show! Sweet!

3D glasses! Almost every ride had them!

Creepiest picture I have ever seen! 
Don't stare at it for too long, it will haunt your dreams!

Drew and I's favorite thing was the Backlot Studio Tour! 
It was very very cool all the things we got to see! 


This was a dancing car!!! 
It showed how they made car flips and explosions!

WhooVille! Yay!

After we finished everything at Universal, we walked down to City Walk and went to see ParaNorman.
I was not a fan, but Shannon and Drew kinda liked it!

Drew and Shannon were such good sports about all my pictures!

It was a great day! Can't wait to see Shannon back up in Idaho!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

To Grandmother's house we go!

Drew and I had such a great time in California! 
And getting to see my grandparents was definitely a good time!!  When we got there we got to learn how to can meats! We canned pork!

Grandpa getting the pressure cooker ready!

Drew in his cute cooking apron! hehe!

Our spoils! They look gross, but taste good!!

While the homemade ice cream was freezing, grandpa brought out the bow and arrows!
Drew and I are not very good :P

Grandpa showing us how it is done!

 I finally hit the target(box)!!

Of course we had to go for a ride!

My lovely grandparents!