Saturday, October 27, 2012

Snow Days!

So Rexburg decided to snow like CRAZY this week!! I guess winter is here now!
This all happened over night! I woke up on Thursday morning and found my car covered!

This is BYU-Idaho campus!  Good thing they have some sweet snow plowers!

 So, since this it is Halloween weekend and there is snow everywhere, we decided to do the ONLY logical thing!  Make a SNOW MONSTER!!  It is our version of a Halloween snow man! :)
We picked up my friend Shannon and went to Porter Park to get started!

Drew rolling the bottom! 
This was the perfect snow for making a snow monster!

Shannon and I had to work together because snow gets really heavy!!

Starting to take shape!

The final product!! The Gruesome TwoSome!
Don't you love our SNOW MONSTER!  Scary!

Shannon and Drew, this is their scary faces, pathetic! 

Drew and I :) Family Picture? hehe!

Now these are some scary faces!!  Roar!!

Shannon found some make-up in her pocket, so we added some facial detail!

Love this guy!! Aren't we cute??

We really LOVE this snow monster!

Hope this post doesn't give you nightmares because of the terrifying monster! 
Happy Snowy Halloween Weekend! 

Our Calendar!

So I am on the mailing list for a couple different couple stores.  The Costco photo center sent out a coupon for a free personalized calendar.  They always send out free coupons and most of the time I don't really want what they give out free, but when this gem came along i had to take advantage of it!  

The cover to our calendar!

February and November!

I love our new personalized calendar! It's fun to see pictures from the whole year!

Bowling with Kenny and Natasia!

So, last friday we finally got to hang out with our friends Kenny and Natasia!  It has been forever cause they are always working hard :)
We went to the local Rexburg bowling alley for some fun!

I just liked the way MRS BARNEY looked on the screen when I got my many strikes :P
This is Drew/Mustachio(on the right) and me/Mrs Barney(on the left)! 
We are pretty much professional bowlers!

Kenny/King Pin(on the left) and Natasia/Nu-Taytay(on the right)!
They tried to keep us with our sweet bowling skills, but to no avail! :P 
Just kidding! They were really good!

The final score to the first game!!
Drew won this game :)

It was so great to be able to hang out with this amazing couple again!  
They are jewels!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Straw Maze and a Camel!!!

For our FHE (Family Home Evening) activity Steve and Kelly invited us to go to the straw maze with them!
It was so much fun!!

We had just finished the maze! Yay us!! 
It took us about an hour to get through it all!

They had a camel!! Super random, but cool!

Us with the camel! It was eating Steve's jacket and face! hehe!

They had a mini kangaroo(i forget what it is called)!  It was really cute!

After we finished up at the maze we went to The Coco Bean for some hot chocolate! 
It was delicious!!


Every year BYU-Idaho puts on a rodeo! It is all students in it, so it is really funny to watch! 
We met our friends Kelly and Steve there too!

A perfect occasion to wear our cowboy hats!

Had to get a picture of some cowboys for Megan ;)

The bull riding was hilarious!
 There was only about 3 people who stayed on for longer than 3 seconds!

 The student games were really funny too! They had to push a melon through the dirt with their face! They were competing for next semester's tuition!

They also had to dress a goat!! These goats were feisty!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Drew's Mission Reunion!

The weekend of General Conference Drew had a mission reunion.  It was with his Mission President Gardner!  It was really fun for me to be able to meet some of Drew's companions and hear their stories of Drew!
Definitely worth the trip down to Utah!

Montana, Billings Mission Reunion!

President Gardner! Such a sweet guy!

Seeing the Utters and Megan's Game!

Drew and I were able to go down to Utah to see my grandparents and Megan's first pre-season game!
It was a super short trip, but so fun and packed!!

Mom, grandma and I went shopping and found this bear! 
Had to stop for a picture!  Isn't my grandma lovely!?!

Later on Saturday it was off to Megan's games! She played two in one day!!

Look at that girl!! 
Workin' it batter style!

Our Megan Fan Section!! 

Megan caught the whole second game!! She is a stud!! 
And look at her crouch like a tiger!! Rawrrr!

Family group picture after the game!! Yay BYU Softball!!

It was soo good to be able to see my grandparents and spend time with them!! Treasured memories!!

Camping in BLM!

Another weekend, another camping trip! This weekend we went to BLM(Bureau of Land Management) land.  It is in the middle of nowhere, so no phone service and no bathrooms, this is real camping!  We went with our good friends Steve and Kelly Boyd!

Driving there were cows everywhere!  
And the leaves were just starting to turn colors! It was beautiful!

Tent picture! :)

Steve brought his new gun and we had a good time shooting.
Drew shooting!  The picture to the right is where Drew shot the tree and split it!

Me!! I am an awful shot by the way! 
Couldn't hit the broad side of a barn if I tried!

Drew found this lovely stick the next morning and HAD to set it on fire!

Drew's version of carving our names into a tree :P

I thought this was soo funny! 
It reminded me of the picture of the farmer and his wife! hehe!

The next morning we went on a hike and found this dead cow.  It smelled soooo bad!! All bloated and nasty, yuck!! But the rest of the hike was pretty!
We are becoming more hillbilly everyday :)