Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Utah's Hogle Zoo

Yesterday we got to go to the ZOO!! And This is the Place, Heritage Park (but that is going to be a different post)  I love the zoo! It was myself, my mom, Drew, Hanalee and Kevin! It was great fun :)

Mom's mask is creepy!!!!

Drew loves monkeys!             Cute Elephants!

Metal Gorilla!                   Orangoutangs!

Okay so we walked into the Gorilla room and this terrifying creature was standing staring at the glass.  I was sooo scared, Drew thought it was super cool! All I could think about was Planet of the Apes! Soo scary!!

Then, I saw this sign saying that when they get close to the glass its because they are feeling aggressive :/ EEEEEEK!

This is Drew and Kevin trying to be a gorilla!

Llama! Hehehehe!

These tigers were AMAZING!! They were so lively and exciting!! I love this picture cause mom and Drew are so happy and the tiger is growling above them!

This Elephant would make noises and blow air, scared me real good! :P

Drew and Kevin did not think this would work, but I think it turned out awesome!! Soo funny!!

I like this one too!!

Lovey seals!

Twins!!! Hehehehe!

The CocaCola Bear!

Cute mommy!

I love giraffes!

Riding the train!! Woohoo!

Drew is so sweet cause he is not a fan of these types of things, but does them for me :)

Couples time!

They had these sweet Peek-a-Boo holes!! hehehe!

Hana and Kevin wrestling a gator!

Kevin the turtle!

Drew and I went to a zoo in Idaho and I have a picture of me coming out of an egg there, so he insisted I get in this egg! It took me forever to get in and out :P

Hogle Zoo is definitely a must if you are ever in Utah!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Megan's 20th Birthday!

Megan is 20!! Yay! 
And we had fun celebrating :) It was multiple days of little activities to celebrate her!
The Birthday girl, this was a couple days before when we got her PiƱata!

Yay Megan!

Hanalee knocked the head off!!

Drew finished off the body!


Kevin wanted a turn so we tied the elephant body onto the rope :P

Happy Birthday Megan!

Mom and David went out the day before and bought all this Justin Beiber birthday stuff.  David was mortified! haha! We thought it would be a funny theme for Meg's b-day!

Mom made the cake!

Olive Garden for her Birthday dinner!

Getting our toes done the day after Meg's B-day as a continuation of her celebration!

Gotta love my sister Megan, she is such a great girl and sooo sweet!  If you know her, you love her and if you don't know her yet, you are definitely missing out!! So lucky to have this funny girl as my sister!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pioneer Week!

As I have found out Pioneer Day/Week in Utah is a BIG deal!  We wanted to avoid the crowds, so a couple days before we went to Home Depot and bought a huge thing of plastic sheeting and dish soap. Then we were good to go!

This first set of photos was from the first day we tried it and it was sooo fun that we had to do it again the next day with more people!!

My big strong man!

This is the spot!! There is a dip in the yard which makes for the perfect beginning slope!

Mom and I :) Yay we did it!!

 Drew and Abby! Hehe!                      David! Slippin' and a Slidin'

I never slide straight! :P

The Mount Timpanogos Temple! Great way to spend a couple of hours! :)

 By the time we were ready to go on the slip n' slide it was pouring rain!! It made it a lot more fun though! Extra watery!!

This is Drew and I going together :P Weeeee!


Kevin going after literally oiling his stomach to make himself go faster!  Drew and him got a little intense about speed!

All the girls! Megan, Hana and I!

Hanalee! Woohoo!

And you gotta get a group picture!

I found these great chocolate mustache molds at the craft store! Had to give them a try!

I think mine looks like poop :P

Kevin and Hana have been dying to try out the razor and ATV, so the next day we took them out for some fun!

David was our fearless leader of course!

Kevin and Drew! Cute Best friends!

Yay for muddy couples bonding time!

Hana and Kevin!

Dad and Megan!

We were SUPER muddy with Kevin and Drew driving us! 

A great couple days and a great way to celebrate Pioneer week :)