Wednesday, August 6, 2014

31 weeks and all that has happened up until now!

I am 31 weeks and 6 days!  Eeep, it's getting so close I can feel it (literally some days! Those Braxton Hicks contractions are a serious matter!)  So, I thought I would update on all that has been happening in the Barney household, and let me assure you, there has been a lot! 

First for some bump photos! :)  This little baby girl is growing bigger everyday!


Now on to what we have been doing while this bump has been taking over my body :)

Camping!   Little did we know at the time this would be our last camping trip in Idaho before we moved :(  But we had a lot of fun taking our little family into the woods and having a great time!  The only bad part of camping while pregnant was sleeping on the hard ground and having to sleep on my side :P
Drew got to bring his hammock! I was surprised I could get him out of it for eating!

We bought floating lanterns to try out! They worked great!

Idaho has a lot to offer in free-family-friendly-entertainment! And we found a movie in the park with our friends Dan and Polly!  They played Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, it was actually very cute!
Aren't we two cute couples!

Since our sweet baby girl is set to arrive October 2nd, and the October birthstone is an opal, I decided that Drew and I should go opal mining to find some beautiful gems for our soon-to-be little princess.  Little did I know that we would be sitting in a huge mound of rocks in the middle of a parking lot just hitting these 'opal rocks' with hammers trying to find something pretty!  All in all, it was sort of a waste of money, but a good memory and we got to hit things with hammers and break them so that was fun!

Our 'opal' spoils! Kinda sad!

After we admitted defeat in this endeavor we decided to head up to one of Drew's mission areas because it was just two hours away!  It was so great to be able to see where he served and lived for some of his mission time!  It also brought up great stories!
He's just so handsome :)
My mom and I love the aquarium and since they opened a new one near her in Utah we just had to check it out!
 Doing some live-action Harry Potter revival with the big snake in the cage :)
 So cool! A bubble in the middle of the aquarium so you can see like the fish!
Penguins that look like they're about to start a dance battle!
My family came up for 4th of July and to do the Color in Motion 5k!  We had soo much fun! 
We went to Yellowstone in the morning for the 4th of July, and then came back to Menan to BBQ dinner and set off our own fireworks!! It was soooo much fun! 
Then, bright an early the next morning we were up for the Color in Motion 5k!  Everyone in the whole family participated!!  Most of them left my mom and I in the dust as I waddled along at 27 weeks pregnant! Such a wonderful experience!
The only picture I have right now of the amazing time!
So, during the week of Drew's finals I made my way up to Utah to stay out of his hair and let him study and work hard!!  While there we went to the Country Explosion Concert!  It was a 4 day event with different performers each night!  We went to two nights and saw Rascal Flatts and Toby Keith (among others)

Dan and Polly got free tickets to the Toby Keith concert and it was so fun seeing them there!

Drew is GRADUATED!!!!!
Yay! It was such a wonderful day with his family and my family all there to celebrate this great accomplishment!

Getting all graduated!!

Yay!! He's officially done with school!!
The next morning after Drew graduated it was time to pack up our home and get ready for our move to Utah!  
We were so lucky to have Carey, my dad, and David there to help us!  My mom and I were on indoor cleaning duty :)

Everything out on the lawn!

My mom is so funny!

Everything on the trailer!
Our last photo together at the Menan house!
Right after packing everything on to my parents' trailer it was time to head to a cabin in Island Park for some serious Barney family fun!  We went to Yellowstone, the Grizzly and Wolf Reserve, and had some good ol' fashion fun around the camp fire!  Such a great time!

Partners in crime!

All Jake wanted to see was wolves in Yellowstone, so it was a good thing we found this place that had tons of wolves for him! :)

In a bear trap!

It was MARSHMALLOW MADNESS the whole time we were there!
Now that we are in Utah we have been enjoying some of the local scenic drives!  David and Drew went off-roading in American Fork Canyon one day and Drew and I went back the next day to go swimming and sight seeing!  Unfortunately, it ended up being too cold to swim in the lake, but we still had a nice time in the sun and on the trails!
David and his truck!
There's Drew!

This bump is taking over :)

The sights were BEAUTIFUL!
So, those were some of the highlights of our crazy Barney life :) Soon we will get even crazier with a little girl coming!

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