Saturday, December 29, 2012

AAAaargggg! It's Drew's 24th Birthday!

Drew is 24!!! And we celebrated in a very Drew-like fashion, PIRATE Party!!
Since, Drew has been working so hard at JCPenny the only time off he had around his birthday was the 17th, so we did a Birthday Breakfast Party!

Welcome, I mean aaarrgggg!

This is my best attempt at a pirate ship cake :P

Some of the decorations!

The Birthday Pirate Captain :)

Some great friends!! They really got into the pirate theme :)

Happy Birthday to Drew!!

Time for the Treasure Chest Piñata!
It was freezing outside!!

Oh boys with a bat and something to hit :P

Kenny's turn!

After the string handle broke, it was time for a different approach!
The classic piñata turned into a baseball game :P  

Drew had the breaking hit!! Candy and goodies went everywhere!!

Me with my Pirate Captain :)

After the party Drew and Steve went out shooting with his new gun :)

For Drew's actual birthday we celebrated with dinner at Texas Road House!  It was delicious and our friends Kenny and Natasia were our servers, which was so great!!

Birthday Boy!!

Cutting down our 1st Christmas tree!

It's Christmas time again!!  That means its time to decorate and get into the spirit of the season!
And what better way to start decorating by getting a Christmas tree!

So I may be a bit naive, but when Drew and I decided to go into the wilderness and cut down our own tree, I sort of thought it would be like walking into a field or flat plain.  Oooh how I was sooo wrong!!
I had to hike up a mountain!! I guess it makes sense, but I was not prepared for this hike up a steep snow covered mountain and then back down it with a 7 foot tree!!  It was so worth it though! I love our tree and the spirit it brings into our home :)

Our permit!! Only $10!!! 
Much better than a $50 or $60 tree from a lot!

Our pick! The best one on the mountain :)  
Believe me, I hiked the whole thing!


My hubby cutting down our tree!

This is how we measured our tree!  We knew we wanted it only a little taller than Drew, so he got to lay down for a little break while I measured :)

I love our tree!!

My strong husband carrying our tree down the whole mountain by himself!!
All i had to do was carry the flash light and the saw, and I still fell down 3 times :P

On top of the car :)

Finally in the house! Now it is time to decorate!! My favorite part :)

The lights! It took forever because one of the strands went out after we finished, so we had to start all over :P

And now the ornaments :)

The finished product!!  After we were all done we watched National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, while eating dinner :)
It was such a fun and wonderful experience!! 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Pearl and Rifle 1st Anniversary!

Yay!! Drew and I have been married for 1 whole year!  It has been the most amazing year of our lives and we can't wait to see what the rest of our lives will be!! :)

Our anniversary was the Monday after Thanksgiving so we stayed in Salt Lake in the Peery Hotel.  The website described this hotel as historic and quaint, I now know that means old and bad service :P
It was a great memory though!! 

Our room, this was a 'suite' hahaah!

The entrance was beautiful!!

After checking into the hotel, we walked down to temple square because I wanted to go on a carriage ride and see the lights!

We found one!!

I was sooo excited!!  Love him!!

We asked our carriage driver to take a picture of us and he told us to kiss,
 and this is the picture we got :P Funny guy!

Some pictures from the ride :)

One final picture! It was so fun and we learned a lot from the driver!

As we were walking around we saw these huge candy ornaments! 

Temple Square Pictures!  It was soo beautiful there!

While we were there they had so many musical concerts going on!!
It was great to hear the music!

We went on this bus ride called the Jingle Bus, it was free so we thought it would be fun, it ended up just being a ride to all the different shopping places.

My present!! Drew took the pearl I got in Hawaii on our Honeymoon and got it put into a necklace!  I love it!! I seriously have the best husband ever!! He is so great and thoughtful!!

I got Drew a gun :) He picked out a .22 rifle (I think that's how you write it)
He has been wanting on for a long time, so I saved up money :)  He can't wait to go give it a try!!

This has been the most amazing year!! And we had a wonderful time celebrating!!