Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The First Half of Pregnancy!

So, I'm pregnant! Yay!!
I am just going to tell you all about the first half of my pregnancy, including pictures and fun/funny details!
It all started in August when Drew and I decided that (after a lot of prayer, financial balancing and foresight) it was time to start a family! Yay again, especially since I have been baby crazy pretty much since we got married(Thanks Jessica!).  And then, it took 7 months of trying to get pregnant! Ahh, 7 months! I know that seems like such a short amount of time now, but in the moment it was agonizing!! 

Then, finally one January night I took a test and it was positive!! I just burst out in tears! (Oh, fyi I always took the tests alone because I'm a weirdo and thought it was awkward to stand in the bathroom and stare at my pee on a stick for 3 minutes together, like I said I'm a weirdo!)  Drew was at Boy Scouts when I found out so, I was super sly and cool and called him to tell him I was throwing up all over the place and he needed to come home right now! (I know it's amazing how romantic I am!)  When he got home just minutes later, I could barely speak i just thrust my POSITIVE pee stick in his face and cried some more!  Drew was so cute, I watched his face go from confused to excited!  Then, in total Drew-fashion he said something like, 'Freak Yeah! We did it!  I'm gonna be a dad!'

We decided that we would wait a couple of weeks to tell anyone that we were pregnant because we wanted to have the first appointment before we told people (definitely did not make it that long!) 
A couple weeks later we went down to Utah for a weekend and I could not handle the secret anymore! I had just graduated from BYU-I, so we told my family that I wanted to show them my diploma, and put this inside!

My mom just screamed and burst out in tears (an Arnold woman trait I guess)  And my dad said, "I know!" Now, the week before I found out I was pregnant I visited them for one of Megan's games and the entire time my dad kept saying (in such lovely terms) 'You're totally knocked up!  You should tell Drew!'  I thought he was crazy since I was a doomed pregnancy failure so far in these 7 months, but he ended up being right!  He also predicted our marriage when I was 16, but that is a story for another day!

Right after that we called Drew's parents and family! They were so excited for us!! And at that point, ALL THREE daughter-in-laws were pregnant! Crazy year for the Barney clan!  Drew's mom knew it was a girl from the start! She called it!

Then, I had to wait until I was 8 weeks along to have my first OBGYN visit and ultrasound! It was torture and since we weren't telling Facebook or any social media it was super difficult to keep our excitement to ourselves. 

Finally the day arrived! And we got to see our little squid-looking baby for the first time! Made everything more real to me!! And everything was measuring and looking great! We even heard the heartbeat!

Now, at this point I was not feeling super great, just mostly exhausted and nauseous all day long.  I am super lucky and did not get morning sickness though, which is great!  I never wanted to eat, nothing sounded appetizing at all.  A couple things would make me run from the room though were, breakfast sausage, raw meat and steaks-so basically all protein!

After this we waited patiently, with the love and support of family, till 12 weeks to tell the masses! And I love cute cards and pictures so I sent out Happy Easter/Pregnancy Announcement cards :)

Oh and all the way we have been taking weekly BUMP pictures, now most of the early ones you can't see anything, but I like to keep track of the baby's size and anything exciting happening that week :) 

20 Weeks!

From here we had monthly appointments with the doctor all going well and getting to hear this sweet baby's heartbeat every time!  We(I love being able to say that!) were growing and progressing right on target :)  Also, I get to win a lot of arguments with the question, 'Who has two hearts in their body? That's right me!!'  Being pregnant is awesome!

Now on to the exciting things! The gender!!
Here is what the wives tales said about our baby's gender!

Now, I was 100% certain we were having a boy, I could feel it in my bones that this baby was a boy!  So, I decided it would be a cute idea to announce the gender with paint being thrown on the person who guessed wrong, which would  in my mind meant throwing paint on Drew because I KNEW we were having a boy.  So we bought our paint according to our gender guesses, mine blue and Drew's pink.  Well…..I was wrong.


And I couldn't be more excited to be wrong!  I have always wanted a little girl and being able to start all the frilly and sparkly things is soooo exciting!  Drew is just over the moon to have a daughter and he already knows that this little girl will have him wrapped around her finger in no time at all :)

This is what we sent some of the extended family to tell them after the doctor's visit because they were sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear!  

And here is our sweet little girl! She was a wiggly thing during the whole ultrasound!  She kept putting her hands over her face and had her legs crossed for a bit, so the ultrasound tech had to wiggle my belly all the time to get her to cooperate with the pictures!  And she is sitting right underneath my belly button so it was hard to get cute clear pictures of her little hands and feet, but we got a lot of cute ones of her little profile!  She is also measuring perfect, exactly to the day she should be measuring!