Friday, March 8, 2013

My 22nd Birthday Surprise!

So while Drew and I were down in Utah, we celebrated my birthday with my family because I wasn't going to see any of them on my actual birthday, or so I thought.  It was so fun!  They gave me a flamingo themed birthday party :P

Do you see my piñata?!?!

Gettin' some love from baby James!

The whole fam! (minus mom because she's taking the picture)

Time to kill the piñata in the unfinished basement!

Now it's war!!  My dad was fighting me like a five year old for the candy because my mom put 'his' rolo's into the piñata!

So as all of this was going on little did I know that Drew was a sneaky ninja!!  A couple days before my birthday I was lounging around my apartment waiting to go to class later in the day. And all the sudden, there is a knock on my door.  Who could it be?? So I look out the peep hole and see my mom!! Yay!! So exciting!  And then I open the door and my grandma pops out!!! Holy Cow!! Biggest surprise of my life!!  I found out later that Drew, my mom and grandma have been planning this for months!  I am so loved!! These guys really love me :)  Best birthday present ever!

We spent all Wednesday showing my grandma around campus and just having fun!  My grandmas birthday is in January as well, so it was a double celebration weekend!!  Then, Thursday was my birthday and I woke up to having the house decorated!  Drew is such a sweetie!
Drew couldn't find any other color streamers, but black haha!

These are my amazing pearl earrings Drew bought me for my birthday!!  He spoils me :)

And flowers! :)

This is my birthday present from Annette and Carey!  
They are so sweet!  And can you believe she made this!! 

So later in the day we got pizza for dinner(my favorite!) and now it was truly time to celebrate! 
My mom bought my grandma and I these HUGE streamer poppers!!

Ready, Aim, FIRE!!!

The explosion was so much bigger than I thought! 
 And it took both of us to twist it!!

The mess!! haha!

It was such an amazing birthday!! 

The next day we went to Texas Road House for some good eating!!
Oh Drew :)

My beautiful mom and grandma!!

Birthday Ice Cream!! 

This was such a great surprise and I am so lucky to have all these people in my life who love me so much!! 

The Home and Gun Expo!

So after New Year's Ever Drew and I had a couple days off so we went down to Utah to see my family and get out of Rexburg.  While we were there the Home and Gun Expo was in town, so of course the whole bunch packed in a couple cars and went down there!

Here we go!!

Baby James, just being cute!!

Ty Pennington was there!! 

A 'kid' group picture, mom and dad got caught up with tile or something :P

The 'no exercise' body shaker!  
Of course Drew and Andy had to try!

More Baby James!! And on the left it's James with the Marine Bulldog!
After the Home Expo we switched sides and went to the Gun Expo, but the boys were embarrassed by me and would not let me take any pictures :P  Silly boys!! We had lots of fun though!

New Years Eve 2013

This New Years Eve was a fun a relaxing night with my hubby!  
We started our night at Olive Garden for some dinner, but it was sort of crazy!  We waited for about 45 minutes to be seated because it was so busy, but the food was great so it was all worth it!
Then, we went home and got ready for our night in :)
We spent part of the night cleaning out our closet to give to D.I.
All those clothes!!

We decided to watch the movie New Year's Eve, it seemed fitting!

Popcorn and Martinelli's to top off the night!