Saturday, March 24, 2012


      School is FINALLY starting to finishing up and finals are coming!!! Dun dun dunnnnnnnnn!! :/
So, I thought I would put a random stuff post up cause I have been slacking a tad in this whole blog thing :)  I think I am going to start with the sad :(  So earlier in the month we had Taylor Karzen over for dinner and I had been sick during the week, but was feeling great on Sunday.  Drew, however, was starting to get a little bit of the bug on Sunday, but nothing too serious...we thought.  So in the middle of dinner, Drew went to lie down cause he said he was feeling pretty icky.  I didn't think too much of it until he called me in to take his temperature and it was 101!! So I gave him some medicine and went back to chatting with Taylor Karzen.  About 30 minutes later Drew called me back in and now his temperature was 102!  So I called our friend's Steve and Kelly Boyd to come give Drew a blessing cause the medicine wasn't getting his fever down and it just kept getting higher!  So Steve, Kelly and one of their friends rushed over and gave Drew the blessing, I was soooo grateful!!! They were seriously life savers cause I was freaking out!  Then right after they left, I decided to take Drew to the hospital cause he was shivering and shaking, my poor hubby :(  Luckily, there was like no one there at the hospital!! They took him back right away and did a bunch of tests and finally his fever went down!!  We were there for about 2ish hours and when we left Drew was feeling so much better and he spent the week in bed getting better :)

Such a smiley Trooper :)

    Next in the randomness is.... DREW'S CUTE TRAINING DATE NIGHT!!
  Drew and his family are campers, my family not so much!! Camping for us is a hotel without room service or a nearby Del Taco! hehe!! So Drew decided that he needed to start out slow and small with this whole camping thing :)  You know, before the outdoors!  We set up a tent in our living room!! 

    And I made my very first foil dinner and we had smores and jiffy pop!  And in the morning we made omelets in a bag!!! It was a lot of fun!!

It was a good camping time!!

   And lastly for this post just some funny pictures of the silly straws my mom sent us!! :)
We had a good time with these :)

Well this is it till after finals! Wish us luck!!